My Love/Hate affair with TV commercials!!


The TV commercials are driving me off the deep end. I keep seeing the same ones!! What I’m getting at is, I just want to take a gun to my head and finish it, I can no longer take anymore of the same commercials trying to brain wash me. Marie Osmond should be taken off TV and this is the only way I can get back to enjoying watching TV again.


What makes me cringe, lunge for the remote, plug my ears, shut my eyes and go "LA LA LA LA LA"? I call it Commercial overload, the relentless, bombardment of commercials into every moment of my TV viewing. The issue now is controlling my unwillingness to accept any TV commercials and quite frankly it is affecting my sanity. I am saved from some irritation with television because I use the DVR which allows me to fast forward the commercials.

Those appalling ads which run seemingly on constant repeat, bombarding me over and over again. I present my 5 of the worst offenders, so bad that they're actually, no, just really bad.


1. If you watch television you have most likely seen the Marie Osmond commercial for Nutrisystem. You have probably seen it more than once, more than twice and maybe you are as tired of it as I am. When Marie shows up on my TV screen I change the channel. I mute the audio. I am SO TIRED of that commercial I resent the word Nutrisystem. So, good for Marie now that she's lost 50 pounds she has her LIFE back. WHAT?!?!?!? Where did her life go?? Is Marie so shallow that she measures her life and identity by 50 pounds?


2. Drug commercials showing people leading wonderfully active lives while the narrator drones on listing all the ways the product can kill you.

3. I hate commercials about law suits against pharmaceutical companies because so many of the drugs doctors prescribe can kill you, mame you, cause strokes, male breast enlargement etc. It's depressing. Informative but depressing.


4. I hate those commercials pitching some "as seen on TV" product.. Usually some handy dandy kitchen tool.. EVERYTHING is $19.99.... BUT WAIT!!.... if you act now you will receive TWO for the same low price... just pay separate shipping and handling..


5. How many of you are tired of Flo the Progressive Lady? I mean how many of you think she actually has car insurance? I mean, she looks like an abnormal sized blow up doll. When do you think she will go away from the television set. Shouldn't her 15 minutes of fame be over with already. Yeah poor Flo is over used...I used to like her but now they've worn poor Flo out....

Honorable Mention

I can't stand the Time Warner and Chevy commercials. Time Warner commercials are all just so creepy and weird. That smug Chevy guy needs to go away we all know Obama saved their ass.

Those annoying Liberty Mutual car insurance ads.


Pillow. I want to smother that guy with "His Pillow".

I'm so tired of the gecko. It's gone beyond annoying now. All of the recent commercials for Geico, bring forth a strong desire for someone to step on him. I volunteer.


So there you are, my worst TV commercials, I'm sure you have some favorites yourself. My only advice to you is, keep the mute button on your remote close by. There is always the DVR..