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When Did I Start Talking to Myself?

First came the thinning on top, followed by expanding in the middle. Then came the aches, and the "Where the hell are my car keys?" I'm talking to myself. Out loud, often without even knowing it. The first time I caught myself, I wondered, "How long have I been talking of myself?"


I’m sitting here thinking to myself, When did I start talking to myself? For the life of me I can’t really remember when I started! Barbara is always asking me if I'm talking to her or to myself, I look at her and say if she knows the answer please tell me otherwise just assume I’m talking to myself. Unfortunately it not that easy for Barbara to understand, I try to stop and I just can’t. Not that there's anything really wrong about talking, or singing to oneself. But at 74, I'm a bit old to be chatting with myself day in and day out. Take it from me, when I realize that I am talking to myself it becomes a verbal debate on just what is going on. You can talk to yourself and you can answer yourself, but if you feel the need to pardon yourself, that's when you know something's wrong.


I talk to myself a lot. And I don't mean only in the privacy of my home. I talk to myself while I'm walking down the street, when I'm driving my car, etc.. Thinking out loud helps me put things in their proper order. It also makes me look like I lost it. When I'm talking to myself, and people begin to think I'm a mental patient, I always use my cell phone and the Bluetooth to come to the rescue, now when people look at me , I just shrug my shoulders and point to my ear, and silently mouth the words I’m on the phone..


I've noticed that the older I get, I find that I generally talk to myself more or less all the time. Some of us old guys tend to talk a lot with ourselves just to prove we're still alive. Next time you find yourself talking to yourself and you start calling yourself an old windbag, remember, these days, talking to yourself may be the only way to get involved in an intelligent conversation. Just try not to embarrass the rest of us. Keep your voice down, OK?