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“I’m Done With The NFL”


I am completely done with some of the Players in the NFL! As we enter a second season of protest of our country’s flag by young wealthy black NFL athletes. Millions of fans, including myself, will continue to turn off America’s favorite past time. The NFL, who at one time was our country’s most uniting game, is rapidly turning into a divisive one.


It is a sport where a player’s lack of patriotism is turning into a detriment to the sport. Think about it, the NFL has seen fit to have harsh penalties against celebrating in the end zone but no penalty for not standing for our National anthem. Players are not the only ones to blame, the NFL’s corporate leadership has taken a knee as they allow their platform to be used for political anti-America sentiment.


Athletes and celebrities have spoken out against racial inequality, but have done so without disrespecting the flag. To most Americans, the flag stands for the freedom we have in this country, all because of our military men and women who fought and died to preserve it. As an American, I disagree with the NFL players protest, I disagree with the players decision to protest racial inequality and police brutality and not standing for the national anthem. I look at the players behavior as unpatriotic!!


While the First Amendment states “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. I understand that the right to sit during the anthem is one of the freedoms the flag stands for, but it is a poor way to protest when you consider the number of graves that have been dug for Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice to make that right possible.


People who stand for what they believe is their right, sometimes at great personal cost, deserve our respect, even if I do not agree with the methods they choose to express those beliefs. That is what freedom is all about. But that does not mean that a statement cannot be made with respect and class. It should be about the issues, not the attention. Disrespecting the flag is an act that is extremely offensive to me. There are much better, and more effective, ways to bring attention to their issues.


I don’t look at protesting players like Kaepernick as a hero. Instead, I view him as a spoiled millionaire spitting on memories of dead heroes. Sure, individuals have a right to pursue their social or political agenda. But the league should not allow individuals to exploit its issues as a platform.


For a lot of Americans, it is the time to just take a moment of silence and think about what the flag means to them. All the soldiers who've died in battle so I can live like I do today. Basically, they sacrificed themselves so I didn't have to, when you think about the sacrifice these men and women made, and the horrific way they died.

Not to stand up a minute, thirty seconds for the National anthem is pathetic. It makes me sick to my stomach, there's no other way to put it. These heroes died so we didn't have to , and to think that these spoiled millionaires can't stand up for a minute? I can't handle it.