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This is an open letter to my oldest daughter Christina Marie whose birthday is on March 30.



Dear Tina:

Happy Birthday, every year around Easter we not only celebrate your birthday but also Jesus's resurrection. It’s kind of appropriate that your birthday is also a part of spring which brings the rebirth of mother natures beauty. While birthdays with you are most often filled with presents and favorite meals, the real importance of your birthday is the cherished memories. It sounds so crazy to think that the last 17,897 days have been blinked away. I blinked and you was born. I blinked again and you up and became a lady.


Tina you are a precious gift, you arrived in a flurry of excitement, bringing with you hopes for the future, joy and laughter. You tested your mother's and my patience, you made us worry, and sometimes even made us mad. But the bond between you and I has stayed strong. Tina you began your life depending on me and as you grew up I started to depend on you. We have a great relationship and you are one of my closest friends. I have sought your advice on a number of occasions because I wanted to know what your thoughts were about the issues. You have helped me through some really tough times. I just look forward to years ahead in our relationship.”


Right now I'm looking at pictures of you, both past and present. To think that I am your dad is an honor. Being your father helped me discover my own potential and that was important because there was no other way I could have showen you right from wrong. At some point it happened and I don't know exactly when. Maybe it was in the middle of the night rocking you asleep, and your tiny body holding onto me for dear life. Maybe it was when I took you to school on your first day. All I know is that at some point, it happened, I changed. First with one daughter and then two more.. Daughters, all three are a special breed, in some ways soft and gentle, in other ways strong and powerful. It is that perfect combination that makes y'all so dear to me.


Your smile lights up a room and your thoughtfulness lights up our hearts. May you be continually blessed in all you do and forever be a blessing to others. Happy birthday TINA

Love Dad

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