This Saturday Shawna's wedding day, I will be giving Shawna away to Steve. So you'd think I would be prepared after walking down the aisle with my youngest daughter Tricia, but that was 15 years ago. I remembered I could barely hold back the tears. My thoughts were that the time had flown by, that this beautiful young woman was just a small person tiny enough to fit in my arm. So here I am 15 years later having the same emotions.


The same questions then are with me now. Am I doing the right thing, giving her to this man? Is he good enough for her? Then I remembered when Shawna told me she had found the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, I knew then it was going to be OK. Shawna has accomplished so much by her wedding day, and I know she is about to see another dream come true. I am so glad I got to be around to help her take the steps toward that dream.


When Tricia got married I was nervous, that I would trip over her walking down the aisle. They had an outdoor wedding, so that meant walking in a grassy surface. Everyone knows how I have a tendency of tripping, I prayed to God please don't let me embarrass her on her big day.

I'm feeling all the emotions I had then now for Shawna's big day. The feeling of joy but also sadness. Even though I am happy for Shawna and Steve, which I like very much, there is a sense of loss. I know that after we finish that walk down the aisle, she would officially be married and while I am gaining a son I am still losing my little girl.


I am now married to a wonderful woman Barbara, she has been very supportive in Shawna's life along with the rest of the family. Shawna has refer to Barbara as her step-mom and has asked her to be a part of her wedding. Barbara and I have an open dialogue about our prior spouses, we relive our memories with them. I can't help but to bring up Shawna's mother and my wife Evelyn, she was alive for Tricia's Wedding and I remembered how much she was involved in it. While Shawna does not have Evelyn to be a part of her wedding, but she will be there in spirit.


She will be whispering to her. " I hope you feel me with you, I'm there each and every day. I've watched you from afar, and longed to say hello, to hold you in my arms again and to never let you go. Please feel my presence near, I'm here with you on your Wedding day. I'm watching over you from Heaven. Feel my love that locked inside."


I hope everybody willl say a prayer for Shawna and Steve, and celebrate with us on Saturday their wedding day...