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My epic struggle
                                    eating Healthier


I have an epic struggle eating Healthier! I know I need to eat healthier if I would like to prolong my life, however when I think of all the junk food that are there for the taking that are loaded with Carbs, Calories and fats, the decision I need to make should be easy! The struggle comes down to what is good for me and what is not. Vegetables, like green and yellow vegetables of all kinds, that have no calories, low in cholesterol and are much healthier to eat than a McDonald's 99-cent double-cheeseburger along with French fries. It’ s like the devil on my right shoulder telling me to eat the cheeseburger and Barbara on the other telling me if I want to live longer I should eat the vegetables.


We all know eating a crispy fresh salad is good for you, unfortunately, when I eat a salad I need to put on creamy dressings, bacon bits, and shredded cheese, and oh yea if I’m at a salad bar I can’t help myself I have to put potatoe salad with it. Are you seeing what is happening? I’m convincing myself I’m eating healthier, not recognizing all the unhealthy stuff I am adding. I LOVE POTATOE SALAD!!


So with the heart healthy vegetables cooked in olive oil, you would think I got the message, but NO I love Kentucky fried chicken (original style) from the colonel. Not only does it have 390 calories in a chicken breast but has 120mg of cholesterol in it. Not only am I gaining more pounds, but now my bad cholesterol is going through the roof. I need to stop listening to the Colonel and stop eating the cholesterol fried food. I'M REALLY TRYING!!


I love any kind of potatoes (fried, mashed or scalloped), potatoes are a vegetable naturally low in fat and brimming with nutrition. So you ask yourself, sounds good, but my version of eating potatoes is to open a bag of chips along with a French onion dip, while clutching my remote control and eating the potato chips loaded in cholesterol, and watching cable TV changing channels between ESPN and ESPN2. I realize this is not what you would call a healthier life style. I also have tried to include an exercise program to lose those extra pounds. But every time I start to exercise I always come up with an excuse. I NEED HELP!!


What is a man to do? All the distractions and poor choices only lead to either I change my eating habits and change my lifestyle, or I’m surely headed for cardiac arrest. Fortunately I’m married to Barbara who has greatly enhanced my life style and eating habits which has given us both a chance to a healthier life thus eliminating quadruple bypass surgery for me.....